3 Common Skin Concerns Caused By Sun Damage

Changes to our skin as we age are inevitable and although we may not have asked for some of these changes, they’re perfectly natural. As we get older and wiser, our skin will continue to encounter more sunlight, environmental aggressors, and gravity. Sun exposure is a huge contributor to the unwanted changes in our skin. 

The sun gives off three types of light: UVA, UVB, and UVC. The worst is UVC, but the earth’s ozone layers luckily block these bad boys from reaching us at all. UVA and UVB are the most common. These aren’t visible to the naked eye, but UV rays will go through our epidermis (skin surface) to where our melanin skin pigments are.

One of the duties of melanin is to protect our skin. You’ll see melanin working when our skin tans and darkens. Too much time in the sun allows UV rays to seep deeper into our inner skin layers, and this is where our skin can go downhill. When our inner skin layers constantly get hit with UV rays, our skin cells become damaged and die. Over time, this causes our skin to become leathery, wrinkly, and form dark sunspots, freckles, as well as moles that could turn into skin cancer.

This is exactly why experts are constantly advising us to wear sunscreen and avoid too much time under the sun’s rays. But thankfully, we live in 2021 and have scientifically-proven products and high-tech treatments that can help restore our natural, beautiful skin and slow down unwanted changes.

Since opening our medspa 5 years ago, we’ve upgraded our techniques and have curated the most effective treatment combinations based on 3 common skin concerns: hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, and skin laxity. The best part is that it’s not a one-size-fits-all because realistically speaking, there is no such thing. We customize the combination strength based on every client’s specific skin type.


What is hyperpigmentation?

Hyperpigmentation is the darkening and discoloration of the skin. This happens when the skin produces more melanin, making patches of skin look darker than its surrounding areas. It can be in the form of sunspots from too much sun exposure, melasma from hormonal changes, and acne scars.

Which 2 treatments target hyperpigmentation?

Intense Pulse Light, also known as IPL, is a laser treatment that passes multiple wavelength lights through the epidermis. Its purpose is to break down cells, extract the unwanted pigment cells, and disperse the uneven pigment. The difference between an IPL and a laser is that a laser delivers a single wavelength as opposed to an IPL with the ability to emit multiple; thus, allowing the treatment of larger areas in a shorter amount of time.

Chemical peels are essentially a cocktail of safe and purposeful acids to reveal fresh, new layers of the skin. The chemicals remove uniform layers of damaged skin cells in the treated area, leaving your epidermis to heal beautifully. If you’ve seen progress photos of some chemical peels, you’ll know to avoid doing this treatment right before big events. Your skin will slowly peel off its layer in a span of 1-3 weeks, depending on the strength of your chemical treatment. You’ll see brighter-looking skin after one session, but significant results will be more visible after multiple visits.

Treatment packages for hyperpigmentation:

Our Radiance Package offers a combination of 3 enhanced IPL treatments, chemical peels, fractional lasers, cryo tools, and a DiamondGlow or Eminence Golden Beauty Facial. After you complete your Radiance Package, your skill will look even-toned, plump, and glowing. You will also receive post-care skincare products to enhance results and keep your new skin radiating!
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Products we suggest our hyperpigmentation clients:

Revision Skincare C+ Correcting Complex 30%

Obagi C-Balancing Toner

Eminence Citrus and Kale Potent C + E Serum

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How are wrinkles formed?

We all know lines form in our skin as we age, but what accelerates the wrinkle process and deepens the severity is years of sun exposure. As our body produces less natural oils, our skin becomes drier, more fragile, and less elastic, making our face and other parts of our body wrinkly. The natural fat that keeps your face plump begins to deflate, cursing loose skin and more skin folds.

There are two different types of wrinkles. Dynamic wrinkles are created through repetitive facial movements such as squinting (crow’s feet), smiling (smile lines), and furrowing the brow (frown lines and forehead wrinkles). Dynamic can become static wrinkles, which are lines that stay on your face even after your facial expressions.

What treatments target wrinkles?

Injectable treatments are quick and easy methods to diminishing unwanted facial lines. The most popular treatment is the use of neurotoxins, also known as Botox or Dysport. It’s an FDA approved chemical that relaxes muscles from contracting, preventing the line etches into your skin. We also did an entire blog post on how neurotoxins work and how they can help.

Another injectable treatment is dermal filler. Fillers are great for restoring lost facial volume, plumping really deep lines, and creating contours in the face to highlight your favorite features.

Non-ablative fractional lasers work beautifully to stimulate collagen, thus ridding wrinkles, as well as improving the appearance of pores, hyperpigmentation, texture, and overall skin tone. It’s like a supercharged all-in-one miracle treatment!

Treatment packages for wrinkles:
The Liquid Gold Package offers 3 dermal fillers and 20 units of Botox to contour the face, lift any sagging skin, erase static wrinkles, and prevent dynamic wrinkles from sticking around. Book your appointment here.

Products we suggest to treat and prevent wrinkles:

Revision Revox 7

Obagi Hydrate Lux

Eminence Marine Flower Peptide Serum

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What is skin elasticity?

Do you remember what your skin was like as a teen or in your early 20’s? Oh to be young again and keep that skin elasticity! The ability to stretch out your skin and have it snap back to its bouncy shape becomes difficult to maintain as we get older, starting as early as in our 20’s!

What treatments help with skin elasticity?

The BTL Exilis Ultra is a non-invasive skin tightening (and fat-reducing!) treatment designed to address skin laxity and reduce pockets of unwanted fat. It’s best for people who have a relatively healthier lifestyle and diet. The skin during the treatment will be heated without discomfort, disrupting old collagen fibers and initiating the process of new collagen formation. Many clients will see improvements even after one session, but multiple sessions will offer optimal results.

Microneedling is a popular common treatment used to enhance and restore our skin elasticity. By creating trauma to the skin with the tiny needles, healing factors as well as collagen production is enhanced. After a few days of healing, your skin will be firm, smooth, and plump.

Treatment packages for skin tightening:

Our Brilliant Lift Package includes 6 skin tightening treatments: dermaplane, microneedling, and a custom DiamondGlow or Eminence Golden Beauty facial. This combination is guaranteed to give your skin the ultimate collagen boost, restoring laxity, and helping your face living up to its most glowy potential.

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Products we suggest to help firm the skin:

Nectifirm Advanced


Rosehip Triple C+E Firming Oil

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