Ashli Grace says “Importance of Washing Your Face”

Our own Ashli Grace has a personal blog and we loved what she had to say about the Importance of Washing Your Face.

Do you go a day without brushing your teeth? Then why would you skip washing your face? Sure, I’ve had my fair share of falling asleep in my makeup after a long day. But not washing your face on a daily basis has a major impact on your skin. You can use all the amazing, expensive skin care products the world has to offer, but if you aren’t washing your face it’s pointless! Yes, a cleanser is prob one of the most important steps in your daily regimen. (Say it louder for the people in the back!)

Cleansing helps to remove build up like dirt, oil, makeup, bacteria, pollutants and dead skin. By washing DAILY you are removing these things which leads to fresh, clean skin. Extra buildup of junk on your face can trap in sebum, sweat, and dead skin which can lead to bacteria build up and inflammation… uhm hello breakouts, gross. Besides the benefit of clear skin, the 100’s of $$$ you spent on all those anti-aging products can now absorb properly and get to work. HOLLA!

So how do you pick the proper cleanser? First, you need to know your skin type. Are you dry? Oily? Sensitive? Dry skin types should look for cream based where oily skin types should go for gel based. Are you wearing makeup? Then you need to double cleanse. Get that makeup off first! Your cleanser can’t clean your face properly with a layer of makeup caked into it. I like to either use a makeup wipe first or an oil based cleanser and really work off that eye makeup. Rinse, and then get in there with your cleanser.

TAKE YOUR TIME! Work that cleanser into your skin, massaging it in. Spend about 2 minutes. Just like we are supposed to take our time brushing our teeth and washing our hands, our face is no different.

If you are slacking on washing your face daily, I challenge you to give it a shot. I guarantee you will see a change in your skin after a week! You’re welcome.  

What are some of your fav cleansers?

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Reposted with Permission from Ashli Grace