Everywhere that we see skin, there are tell-tale signs of aging or skin damage: age spots, sunspots, acne, and other skin conditions. Our 3-in-1 advanced DiamondGlow technology simultaneously exfoliates, extracts, and infuses for radiant and rejuvenated skin. As an advanced skin resurfacing procedure, DiamondGlow is the only face and body skin-resurfacing treatment to gently yet effectively exfoliate damaged skin cells and deliver SkinMedica Pro-Infusion serums to treat a variety of skin concerns. This advanced treatment volumizes skin by up to 70% up to 72 hours post-treatment.

DiamondGlow works by removing the outermost worn-out layer of skin to expose the smoother, younger-looking layer underneath! It is precise and allows for a high level of control. Treatment can be customized to your specific skin type using different diamond tips on the treatment device or with specific serums applied to the skin.

When the dead skin and dirt have been loosened, it is suctioned off of your face, and a unique combination of skincare is infused into your skin. The microdermabrasion process allows the skincare products to be better absorbed by the skin, leaving a brighter complexion with a glow!
Our service providers will consult with you to determine if you are a good candidate for this treatment, as well as how often you should be treated. Schedule your consultation with Golden Laser Aesthetics today!

DiamondGlow FAQ

DiamondGlow is microdermabrasion that exfoliates the damaged skin cells and delivers a serum infusion to your skin to treat the skin.

DiamondGlow works to remove the outermost layer of skin with a high level of control and precision with little to no downtime. We can use different diamond tips to treat your specific skin type and customize the serums applied to your skin to treat your unique concerns.

Since DiamondGlow is a non-invasive treatment, you can return to your boss babe the day following treatment! 

The frequency of treatment depends on your own personal needs. During your consultation, we will discuss how many treatments you can expect and how frequently. 


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