Laser Tattoo Removal

No matter the reason for wanting to look into tattoo removal, Golden Laser Aesthetics has you covered! Using the Q-Switched Laser technology, quick laser pulses are created that pack a powerful punch against tattoo ink pigment.

With two wavelengths to treat a wide range of tattoo pigments and colors, the ink is broken up into small particles, safely absorbed into the bloodstream, and expelled from the body. The incredible thing about the Q-Switched laser is that it only affects the treated area and does not harm any surrounding skin or tissue. Whether you want to completely remove it or fade it for a cover-up tattoo, we can help you reach the goals that you want to achieve.

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Tatto0 Removal FAQ

Laser tattoo removal uses a Q-switched laser to help break up the ink into smaller particles to allow your body to naturally rid of the tattoo.

The light from the laser is applied to the tattooed area on the skin. The laser energy is absorbed by the tattoo ink particles, which heat up and shatter into small ink particles that your body will absorb.

Some tattoos may not be removed in their entirety, depending on the pigments or how long you have had them. However, we can discuss what your results may be during your consultation.

Our aesthetic coordinator evaluates your tattoo and thoroughly answers any questions or concerns you might have during your consultation.

Yes! The pigment from tattoos is permanently destroyed! 


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