About Laser Hair Removal

One of our most popular services is our diode laser hair removal treatments. Laser hair removal reduces the targeted hairs and lessens the amount of shaving or other methods of removal – goodbye razor burn and in gown hairs! Laser hair removal is the best long term solution to help you cut back on grooming time and feel more confident. 

The procedure involves the use of a highly concentrated light beam.  The light energy from the laser targets pigment present inside of the hair follicle. The light is converted into heat which the follicle absorbs , thus damaging the follicles and disabling their tendency to grow. 

We encourage all of our patients to adhere to our clinical recommendation, which is 6 treatments 4-6 weeks apart with follow up maintenance as needed.

Pricing is different for all areas, please inquire or schedule a consultation to receive specific area pricing.

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