Laser Hair Removal

One of our most popular services is our Diode laser hair removal treatment. Laser hair removal reduces the targeted hairs and lessens the amount of time you spend shaving or waxing– goodbye razor burn and ingrown hairs! Laser hair removal helps you cut back on grooming time and feel more confident long-term. The procedure involves using a highly concentrated light beam with a cool glide technology to protect the skin during treatment—the light energy from the laser targets pigment present inside the hair follicle. The light is converted into heat which the follicle absorbs, thus damaging the follicles and disabling their tendency to grow. 
Pricing varies per treatment area. Schedule a consultation to learn more about pricing for the areas you are interested in removing unwanted hair!

Laser Hair Removal FAQ

At Golden Laser Aesthetics, we use a Diode laser to drastically reduce hair growth while protecting the skin at the same time. Hair is reduced long-term, allowing you to kick waxing and shaving to the curb.

Hair is significantly reduced using a Diode laser by heating the hair to damage the hair follicles without harming the surrounding tissue. This process effectively disrupts the growth of the hair, resulting in smooth skin!

Treatment using a Diode laser is highly effective on most skin and hair types. The Diode penetrates deep into the skin to target even the most coarse hair and can be done on any area with unwanted hair!

We encourage our patients to adhere to our clinical recommendation: six treatments 4-12 weeks apart with follow-up maintenance as needed. We will schedule treatments based on the area being treated.

Upon completing our recommended six treatments, hair is significantly reduced in the treated area. We recommend completing all treatments and the duration between treatments determined by your service provider for the best outcome.

You may experience minimal redness and sensitivity following your treatment.


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