Ultimate Organic Hungarian Facial Treatment

If you want a facial to refresh your skin and get a little bit of relaxation time, the Hungarian Facial at Golden Laser Aesthetics is the facial for you. Your service provider will use a variety of organic products from the Eminence Skincare line based on your skin’s needs at the time of treatment. The active ingredients work to stimulate blood flow and flush the skin, providing nutrients to the skin. During this process, the enzymes used will work to eliminate and exfoliate any dry skin. You will leave feeling relaxed, refreshed, and glowing. 

Aside from the specific ingredients that we used in the Hungarian Facial treatment, a bonus to this facial is that you will also receive a facial massage. This massage uses specific techniques and a hydrating cream to awaken the facial muscles and promote stimulation of blood flow through the face, leading to reduced wrinkles and tighter/plumper skin! Schedule a consultation with Golden Laser Aesthetics today to learn more about this unique and beneficial facial!

Ultimate Organic Hungarian Facial FAQ

The Ultimate Hungarian Facial revives and refreshes the skin using organic products from the Eminence skin care line and utilizes specific massage techniques to wake up the facial muscles and lead to reduced wrinkles and plumped skin.

Using Eminence skincare products, organic ingredients are used to stimulate blood flow and flush the skin, while the massage promotes facial rejuvenation. This combination leads to reduced wrinkles and plump skin!

The Hungarian Facial uses organic products in the Eminence Skincare line to immerse your skin inactive ingredients that stimulate blood flow, eliminate dry skin, and leave you with a glow. Stimulating massage techniques are used in addition to these products to revitalize and awaken the facial muscles.

During your complimentary consultation, your service provider will discuss how frequently the Hungarian facial would be recommended for you!


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