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The Semi-Professional Millennials Journey to #UltimateSkinGoals: IPL.

When my boyfriend asked if I had a new pink face mask on, it was the final straw [I was totally bare faced and completely humiliated]. I sprinted [casually] into to the bathroom and applied CC cream over my Rudolph-red nose and rosacea blotted cheeks. I hid the fact that I was mortified by my boyfriend’s genuinely candid inquiry and began my Google search and #beautygoals board on Pinterest.

Every morning I apply a layer of foundation, a layer of concealer and a generous amount of powder on my fiery red nose to hide my discoloration to trick society into believing I have an even skin tone. If having an inflammatory skin disease wasn’t enough, I also am the queen of Oily-Skinville and governor of Acne Town, USA.

I have tried every variation of color correcting and acne skincare options, but my skin is like “Thank you, next”. Three hours post melt-down, I officially read over 10,000 Intense Pulsed Light [IPL] reviews and booked my appointment online. Not only does the IPL target redness, but also hyper-pigmentation, oily skin and acne [excuse me, am I dreaming?] Apparently the magic wand, aka laser beauty-beam, shoots out wavelengths of light to break up the uneven patches of skin and then your body absorbs them!! Yes, I said it, your body absorbs your redness and brown spots like a snack.

I arrived to my appointment and begged my Golden Beauty Goddess to make me beautiful. I put on my [chic] protective goggles and was lathered up in jelly [like a petri dish before a science experiment]. Next was the zap of a lifetime, seriously. The first zap felt like a hot a** rubber band that launched me into outer space; but like, beauty is pain, right? After giving myself a silent pep-talk [we can all relate to this moment] I was ready to proceed with another spicy slap in the face, GIVE IT TO ME. The next little zaps felt a lot better after I knew what the pulsating light felt like [it actually started to feel relaxing].

Fast-forward: I finished my second treatment a week ago. My redness, browns [lifted and so much lighter], oil & acne are almost non-existent. Seriously, I am living out my Bella Hadid ultimate skin goals! My coworkers are curious because my skin is looking #flawless. A cashier at Trader Joes even complimented my skin [I teared up while paying for my cookie butter and cauliflower gnocchi].

I am going in for my third treatment in three weeks and I am thrilled. I no longer have people asking if I’m sunburned when I’m not wearing foundation [that’s a rude question, btw]. I love my clear skin and can’t wait to see my final results.

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