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The Semi-Professional Millennials Journey to #UltimateSkinGoals: Laser Hair Removal

People often see me as a gregarious woman with loads of confidence, but truth-be-told, one of the reasons that really motivated me to start laser hair removal was my lack of confidence [where’d you go girl?]. The thought of getting naked in front of anyone crippled me with fear. Fear of having to take a sick day to shave my entire body and then deal with the repercussions to cover my freshly shaven and irritated lady parts. Even after a full day of prepping [who has time for this kind of routine anyways?] my freshly shaven body would soon be covered in irritated bumps, making me spiral into a never ending ‘how to fix razor burn in five seconds’ google search and landing me into another teary-eyed, Goop’s Martini Emotional Detox bath. My ingrown and irritated hair insecurities have been haunting my dreams since Spring Break 2008 and it was time to finally take action.

I’m not sure if it was the persuasive wine, or visions of my boyfriend leaving me, that night I booked my appointment online to laser everything, from the windows to the walls. Showing up to my appointment, I stripped down to nothing and laid naked, waiting for the moment I have been dreaming of my entire ‘adult’ life. My laser tech came in and began with immediately zapping me with the magic beauty beam before moving over to the rest of my entire body. We were now ready to go down, well, down there. Disclaimer: As a woman with dark coarse hair and pale skin, I can completely relate to the Full-Bush-Friday phenomenon. I’m going on my 27th year of “bush battle”, and quite frankly, I’m over it. In the sexiest [spread eagle] position and super chic laser goggles on, we began moving down south. The southern region took about 5 minutes and I was done! WOW, it didn’t hurt, like, at all, and it wasn’t even weird having a total stranger run a laser over my entire naked body. I honestly feel like my laser tech and I just became best friends..did we just become #bestfriends?

After my treatment with the most delightful girl ever, I booked my remaining sessions [6 treatments total in the LHR package with maintenance treatments to follow as needed] and I headed home. About five days post LHR, the moment I have waited for my entire life: my newly damaged hairs were gone. I was so overwhelmed with joy to show off my new “do”, I immediately facetimed my girl-gang and showed off the goods. TMI?

Anyways, this was just a small step to living my true Beyoncé life. Looking to live your wildest bikini-line [or nude beach] dreams? Get lasered.

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